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Etna, a visionary artist named after the Sicilian volcano, has made a mark in electronic music by blending natural sounds with analog instruments, creating a unique "tribal electronic" style.  As a DJ, he has shared stages with renowned artists like Damian Lazarus, Nicola Cruz, Peggy Gou, Bradley Zero, Pablo Fierro, Lemurian, Rebolledo, and Red Axes, and showcased live improvisation skills during his residency at Six Senses in Ibiza.

Etna's discography includes notable releases such as "Annunaki" for Crew Love in 2019 and recent EPs like "Pianeta Terra" under Cosmic Awakenings. He followed up with an EP for Kosa Records. His upcoming release, "Danza de la Luna," is set to drop under Ohxala Records

Additionally, he is the creative force behind the event  Giardino Dei Visionari in Milan, blending art, music, yoga, and spirituality and gaining collaborations with major brands. Expanding globally, the event will reach Tulum at Vagalume in January and February 2024. Etna is also preparing for the second edition of the Visionari Festival in June. 

His diverse career spans performances at major festivals, collaborations with fashion brands, and sound design for TV shows.

Currently based in Ibiza, Etna focuses on music production, drawing inspiration from the island's nature.

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My EP "HUMAN EXPERIENCE," in collaboration with Sanra, is now available on all platforms through KOSA Music, one of the world's most influential labels for downtempo music. This project was conceived at our finca in Ibiza, immersed in nature, which greatly influenced our creativity.

COBA - "At the Coba pyramids, in Mexico, I felt a mystical energy envelop me as I climbed the ancient steps, immersed in the sacred silence and majesty of the surrounding forest."

HUMAN EXPERIENCE - "The human experience is a mystical journey, an interplay of light and shadow, where every soul seeks meaning in the depths of love, pain, and cosmic wonder."

NEW ERA - "The New Era marks a collective awakening, an epoch of elevated consciousness, where humanity unites in harmony, exploring the boundaries of love, spirituality, and innovation."

I am truly happy that international talents like Coe Sinai, Leopan, and TheOddness have reinterpreted our creations.


My EP "PIANETA TERRA" is now available on all platforms through Cosmic Awakenings, one of the world's most influential labels for downtempo music.

Here is the tracklist:

UNIVERSO - A composition that reminds us of our insignificance in the vast cosmic expanse, yet also highlights the potential for greatness through unconditional love.

CIELO MAYA - A song, a poetic collaboration with my muse Rebecca Sadr, born during our journey in the heart of Mexico, in Yucatan, beneath the starry Maya sky.

"Nudi e liberi sotto la luna sorpresi dal sole che nasce, vivevamo di stelle e respiri.
L'invisibile si può osservare."

SAMSARA - The eternal cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.



~ Ethno
~ Organic Sounds
~ World Music
~ Shamanic Music
~ T
ribal Electronic
~ Ancient Tribes Sounds

Supporting act &back to back

~ Nicola Cruz

~ Auntie Flo

~ Damian Lazarus

~ Peggy Gou

Pablo Fierro

~ Lemurian

~ Rebolledo

~ Bradley Zero
~ Bedouin

~ Paul Kalkbrenner

~ Soul Clap & many more



26.05.23 @ Visionari, Eivissa - ES 🇪🇸

21.05.23 @ Visionari Festival, Milano - IT 🇮🇹

11.02.23 @ Visionari - Vagalume, Tulum - MEX 🇲🇽

09.02.23 @Jaguar, Tulum - MEX 🇲🇽

05.02.23 @ Treehouse, Tulum - MEX 🇲🇽

03.02.23 @ Visionari, Milano - IT 🇮🇹
24.08.22 @ Six Senses, Eivissa - ES 🇪🇸
16.08.22 @ SunSet Ashram, Eivissa - ES 🇪🇸
13.08.22 @ Six Senses, Eivissa - ES 🇪🇸
12.08.22 @ Vivo, Eivissa - ES 🇪🇸
07.08.22 @ A Mi Manera, Eivissa - ES 🇪🇸
28.07.22 @ Visionari, Eivissa - ES 🇪🇸
09.07.22 @ Six Senses, Eivissa - ES 🇪🇸
29.06.22 @ IT Ibiza, Eivissa - ES 🇪🇸
26.06.22 @ Laylah, Eivissa - ES 🇪🇸
23.06.22 @ El Silencio, Eivissa - ES 🇪🇸
17.06.22 @ Giardino Dei Visionari, Milano - IT 🇮🇹
16.06.22 @ Biblioteca degli alberi, Milano - IT 🇮🇹
05.05.22 @ Teatro Principe, Milan - IT 🇮🇹
28.04.22 @ Veneralia, Milano - IT 🇮🇹
26.03.22 @ Gate, Milano - IT 🇮🇹
15.03.22 @ IT Tulum - MEX 🇲🇽
05.03.22 @ Alma Tulum - MEX 🇲🇽
13.02.22 @ Treehouse - MEX 🇲🇽
03.02.22 @ Radio Tulum, Tulum - MEX 🇲🇽
01.02.22 @ Giardino Dei Visionari, Milano - IT 🇮🇹
11.09.19 @ Womb, Tokyo - JPN 🇯🇵
09.09.19 @ Plus, Kyoto - JPN 🇯🇵
01.04.19 @ House of Weekend, Berlin - DE 🇩🇪
14.10.19 @ Shelter Club, London - GB 🇬🇧
13.10.19 @ Watergate Bay, London - GB 🇬🇧

Etna is the FOUNDER OF


In 2016, Etna established Giardino Dei Visionari event, which rapidly evolved into a prominent fixture in Milan's cultural and artistic landscape, drawing an average attendance of 1000-1500 participants.

The event incorporates elements such as art exhibitions, live performances, yoga sessions, spiritual activities, live music, DJ sets, video mapping, workshops, and more.

It has become a hub where artists, photographers, writers, models, stylists, DJs, and musicians converge to enjoy themselves, forge new connections, and broaden their professional networks.


Collaborations & sync music

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