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Visionari Experience - Tulum

7th January - From 6 pm till late


Are you a visionary? Join us on a journey on 7th January as we bring you an event like no other, nestled in the mystical beauty of Tulum. On a heavenly beach, surrender to the symphony of the world as nature transforms into a sacred sanctuary of music and spirituality.


Special guests: 

Limited capacity event, sign up here to participate:

☽ You'll be transported to a world where the jungle meets the sea, creating a dreamlike ambiance.

☽ Let our lineup of visionary DJs craft the soundtrack to your spiritual journey, guiding you with deep, melodic beats and rhythms that resonate with your soul.

☽ Dance and music will be your language as we gather as one, Close your eyes and rediscover your authentic energy.


Activities (from 6 pm):

✷ Opening ceremony

✷ Breathwork

✷ Smudging ceremony

✷ Make-up

✷ Tarot reading

✷ Astrology reading

✷ Boho market

✷ Live djembe

✷ Live performances




This is more than an event, it's a journey into the heart of Tulum's enchantment. Embrace your visionary spirit and be part of this unforgettable experience.


Sunday, 7th January 2024 - From 6 pm till late

Vagalume - Tulum

Tulum's Beach area at km 7.5

Un party visionario, un luogo per viaggiatori e sognatori, per connettersi con la musica e vedere oltre.

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