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Visionari - Tulum
In collaboration with Piknik, Xeri Collettive, Vagalume.

Are you a visionary? On Saturday 11th February, join us at the Riviera Maya. On a heavenly beach, you will close your eyes and lose yourself among the sounds of the world: nature will become a temple of music and spirituality.


Special guests: Rebolledo, Iñigo Vontier, Lemurian, Etna, O S O, Joel Kim, Joss Martin, Aldave


The event has a limited capacity. Register here to participate:

☽ In a dreamlike atmosphere between the ocean and the jungle, we will tune into the energy of the magical land of Tulum.


☽ With deep sounds and melodic bass lines, our DJ guests will take us to the Visionari universe.


☽ We will gather as one, using dance and music as the only form of language. Close your eyes and reconnect to your true energy.


Activities (from 5pm):

✷ Opening ceremony

✷ Breathwork

✷ Smudging ceremony

✷ Make-up

✷ Tarot reading

✷ Astrology reading

✷ Boho market

✷ Djembe

✷ Live performances


✷ Rebolledo

✷ Iñigo Vontier

✷ Lemurian

✷ Etna

✷ O S O

✷ Joel Kim

✷ Joss Martin

✷ Aldave


Don’t let you tell and live in first person the Visionari experience.

Music is our prayer.


Saturday, 11th February 2023 - From 12 pm till late

Vagalume - Tulum

Tulum's Beach area at km 7.5

A visionary experience in the middle of the jungle. A place for travelers and dreamers. A space to connect to music and to see beyond.

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